About Balkan Hemp

Ask any cannabis expert about Albanian cannabis and they will all tell you its of the highest quality. Cannabis Ruderalis[1] grows wild all over the country, has some of the highest cannabidiol (CBD) strains (70-90%), which mean little to no THC (<0.3%). This is a very rare type of cannabis unlike Cannabis Sativa or Indica, which possess a higher level of THC and a much lower amount of CBD.

There are several companies that offer ‘hemp oil’, in fact you can buy it over-the-counter at stores like Walgreens or Walmart. However, this type of hemp oil extract is usually produced from low grade cannabis, is less than 20% pure, and has several additives in most cases; meaning very little CBD content, if any to make an impact or see a difference.

High quality CBD oil is very expensive and very limited on supply. The climate and soil conditions in North American regions make it nearly impossible to naturally grow premium grade cannabis and with strict local legislation that determine who is permitted to grow and how much they are allowed to grow make the effort and hassle not cost effective.

Albania is a country where cannabis is still prohibited by law. Thanks to international diplomacy and politics Albania and U.S. reached an agreement supplying customers all over America with the best quality hemp CBD oil for the lowest cost on the market.

Balkan Herbal stands behind its product, and to prove it we are offering free trial samples of Balkan Herbal Life Oil for a limited time.